Time for something new. How do you know when the season has changed?

It’s early morning in October and the heat of summer is a memory.  I’m snuggled in my sleeping bag waiting for the sun.  For the moment the coming day is only a slight glow.  As light creeps down the canyon cold air is receding, pooling and hiding in the lowest possible placesWhen direct light from the sun arrives everything will warm and I will leave the tent in comfort, but right now it’s freezing.  It’s always coldest just before dawn.

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I can almost hear the surrounding moisture freeze while it clings to the fading leaves.  I inhale deeply, tasting the crisp air.  I am excited to see the yellow leaves of the cottonwood trees surrounding my tent light up in the morning sunI know that it will be brilliant, but I will have to wait.


By now there is enough light to read a chapter from my book.  My fingertips are chilly and I am forced to hold the book with one hand out of the sleeping bag and every few minutes I switch just before they go from cold to numb.

 After reading I stretch.  At first I reach tall and touch both ends of the tent, scratching the frost on the walls.  Next, I stretch my ankles and wrists, clockwise and counter.  Then it’s time for the stomach, butt, legs, back, and finally, my arms and neck.  After this ritual I dress slowly, taking time to enjoy the chill against my naked skin.0000_031

Birds are chirping outside my tent.  The sun is near.  I lie on top of my sleeping bag and enjoy this moment.  I breathe steadily.  My tent lights up as the sun pours warm rays upon it.  Frost crystals on the walls contract then make a clinking sound as they fall.  I sit up, lean over to unzip the tent  and smile.  All of this indicates the season is upon me.  This is autumn. 


Copyright 2010 Louis C Arevalo


5 Replies to “Time for something new. How do you know when the season has changed?”

  1. As one who each day awakes to see crystals of inflexibility written on the walls, and the verdancy of an untamed energy become burnished with age and exhaust, I know well that the season of my life has changed…it is time for something new.

  2. Some mornings are a thoughful transition to a new day. But sometimes its just a hasty rush to get out of the tent and take a piss. Savor the ones that make life better.

  3. When I think of seasons changing I think of my hometown. The change of seasons is dramatic in my memory and full of sensory responses. The taste of green as buds emerge on trees. The warm feeling on my skin from the sun asserting itself with increasing force. The rich, almost woody smell of leaves as they let go. The drowsy feeling of my body slowing down as the days get shorter. These memories make me smile. It is nice to take time to appreciate how these changes, ever constant, effect us.

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