The Creek. What brings you back to a place again and again?

Predawn at the Creek.

Every year I tell myself that I don’t need to come back to Indian Creek. It’s crowded, dusty and the climbing is monotonous. Besides, there are so many places that I have not been.

Then like clockwork, as the car heads south from Moab and turns onto highway 211 passing vacant ranches and dried grasses something takes hold. I believe places have energy and the closer I get to this ribbon of a waterway the more I feel its positive presence.

Below are a selection of images from the Creek that may help answer why I keep coming back.

Jacki Arevalo making tape gloves.
Don "Vince" Vincent attends to his wound.

Is it the pain? The collection of scraps, bruises, swollen fingers and toes that draws at me?

Paul and Vince hike to the 4x4 Wall.
Angie Vincent makes her way.

Could it be lugging packs filled to capacity with gear, clothing and food up and down the talus cones?

Vince can't get a break on Take 5.
Vince falling off of Take 5.

How about the slap downs that come with every visit? Thinking this climb should be easy and turns into anything but.


Vince gets back on the horse.

What about after the slap down? Having to get back in the game or risk losing your nerve. Is this what keeps me coming back?


The village of Creek Pasture.

Is it the camps teaming with all walks of climbers. From real life dirtbags to doctors, all existing in the red dirt of the Creek. Is it the people that I meet?

Desert flower.
Moonrise over the Creek

And don’t forget the desert landscape and the barren life ┬áthat surrounds. There are many places as beautiful as the Creek, but none that are more.

Jacki making her way up Sesh One.

Or what about that climb where it all came together and you floated to the top? Is it wanting that feeling along with all of the rest that has me returning?

The end of the Rainbow

I’m still uncertain. Guess I’ll just have to keep going back.

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