A Winter Moment: Why would you wake up before dawn?

Even with a lack luster winter there were a few days that will keep me smiling for years to come. Here are a few photos from one dawn patrol in January 2012.

The alarm was set for 430, but I was up before that. Call it a combination of habit and anticipation.


Not wanting to keep anyone waiting at our 545 am meeting spot, I had my gear ready at the door.














After finding a place to park, breaking trail in the new snow felt effortless, especially if you lag behind to make photos.


Despite the single digit temperatures the coming dawn put a smile on your face and warmed you from the inside out.


Just being there to see the clouds warm up then slowly burn off makes the whole thing worthwhile, but…


you might as well have fun while you’re there too.




3 Replies to “A Winter Moment: Why would you wake up before dawn?”

  1. Hey Louis, this is…lewis (from Rockreation). Happened upon your site. Really great stuff, man. Great photos & stories…I enjoyed going over all of it this morning…thanks…

    1. I finally saw your site this morning as well. I’m adding a link from scenic bylines.
      The writing at zenetopia is honest and articulate. Very enjoyable.

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