Portraits are some of the most difficult things for me to shoot and at the same time some of my favorite. While there is a wide range of subject matter within my work the focus for has always been authenticity. Is it natural and believable? These are the same questions I ask when I shoot people. Are they smiling for the camera or is that a genuine look? If a loved one saw the images would they recognize them as being true? Natural or strobe lighting, close-up or environmental, the goal is the same.  Skylar Patten takes the bus to the ski slopes. Icefall Lodge february 2014. Camille Backman larevalo_cstlvlly_1113_0240 larevalo_cthomas_0913_0004 larevalo_egodfrey_0514_0006 larevalo_imperialeforge_0513_0035-2 larevalo_jrrich_0314_0128-Edit larevalo_mlott_0514_0053-Edit Bowe Ellis, Echo Canyon, Zion National Park, Utah.

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