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  1. Hi Louis,
    I read through all the accounts on your home page this weekend. You have a real talent for writing. Your honesty and vulnerability and willingness to share those traits is quite brave and makes your stories something that many can relate to even if they don’t spend time outdoors. I wish you continued success on this website and all your ventures and adventures. I look forward to coming back to see what you share next.
    By the way nice photos too… especially the leaf and mushrooms.

  2. Thanks for adding a link to the zenetopia site. I really appreciate it. Would really like to, if you have any ideas & or connections, start directing the site more toward being able to help people in need (addiction & such), but not too sure how to go about it. Project 31 started w/ my abilities & desires in mind, but quickly morphed into me wanting to give back; quickly came the feeling that somehow it was bigger then myself & a Karmic debt i owe. Climbing is an important state of mind, to be sure, but pales in comparison to the state of mind & desire to want to help those who are in need of it & who are suffering w/ the idea that there is no ‘out’ to be had…rambling this morning, sorry. Thanks again, & i would like to add a link to your site as well, if that is ok…

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