Fall Magic

Aspen grove in the recent addition to the Minnie Maud Ridge CWMU, Utah.

There’s something magic about the fall season.
Once the heat of summer has faded and after that first cold snap my body and mind spring into overdrive. I need to see the views from a few more peaks, tread along a few more vacant trails, keep tabs on the changing colors, sip steaming coffee as snow falls, fill my lungs with the sweet smell of fallen leaves, lose feeling in my fingers in the early morning hours, and witness the sun lean toward the southern horizon – casting long shadows across our world. And I want to see it all before the transformation into the winter season.

Aspen trees in the Minnie Maud Ridge CWMU, Utah.

Hannah Barkey and Rob Aseltine enjoy a moring session on the Crest Trail, Wasatch Range, Utah.
Rob Aseltine and Hannah Barkey out for an afternoon run on the Big Water Trail, Millcreek Canyon, Utah.