Los Motos de Cabarete

Moto locos, Cabarete, Dominican Republic.

** Los Motos de Cabarete



What I photograph when I photograph nothing.

(What I photograph in my free time)

When I travel I look for the things that are different from home.


One of the biggest pleasures of travel is discovering the little differences. Soaking them in then eventually coming around to the idea that things are really not that different.

Parked motos Cabarete, Dominican Republic.

On a recent vacation to the north coast of the Dominican Republic I slowly warmed to the idea of making photos.

Street art, Cabarete, Dominican Republic.


Cabarete, Dominican Republic is a resort town known for its sandy beaches, surf, delicious food, and wonderful people. Once I found some semblance of comfort wandering its streets my camera gravitated to one delight in particular. The motos.

Moto love, Cabarete, Dominican Republic.
Moto repair shop, Cabarete, Dominican Republic.
Art immitating life or life immitating art? Cabarete, Dominican Republic.



Life imitating art or art imitating life?

Afternoon motos, Cabarete, Dominican Republic.



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