My Injuries

This accident has some real lasting consequences. I arrived in the hospital hypothermic, scalped, concussed, collapsed left lung, a few broken ribs, several fractured vertebrae, and a complete transection of the spinal cord at the thoracic 4. That final one is the one I will not walk away from.

My scalp is healing remarkably well, my concussion slowly fading, my lung getting stronger, my ribs will heal and the vertebrae will also heal. The spinal cord, however, is finished, complete, history.
What that means is I have no feeling or control below my nipples. No core, abs, or trunk control. Not ideal, but I do have complete control of my arms, biceps, triceps, shoulders, some lats, and scapulas. This means I have lots of opportunities to move my body below the nips around. This also means I will be in a wheelchair. Kind of a rough reality, but something I will gladly accept for another chance to hang with all the beautiful people in my life.

Waking up after surgery without the ability to speak due to a breathing tube, I was acutely aware of the paralysis. It didn’t seem to bother me. I was just so overwhelmed with love from all the faces surrounding me. Granted I was ┬áin and out of consciousness often in the ICU but now, going into my second week of rehab reality is steadily getting heavier and heavier. This is the single hardest obstacle I have ever faced. And to be honest the pain is overwhelming. Regardless, I can see a bright future ahead and while I want to hop right over to it, things are going to take a ton of work before I get used to this new body and navigating this wild and crazy place we call home.

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