From Scratch

Having a spinal cord injury is not unlike becoming an infant again. Jim Harris gave me this analogy and it feels more appropriate than my explanation that I am starting over with a new body. While I still have use of my arms, hands, upper back, chest, neck and head using them to move the rest of a limp body is somewhat perplexing.

Sitting up in bed without a core is a little less graceful, sitting up to a table to eat a bit more challenging, carrying things… Most activities require a different method and I have no experience with any of them thus my status of infancy state. Luckily, learning happens a bit faster than infancy and the team at rehab is a wealth of information.
Overall this learning experience has been a total trip and sure to continue for years to come.
Turned a corner earlier last week. Not sure what that corner was, but with each day the pain has reduced slightly, my movement appears to have improved and confidence has been building. Made a trip home to evaluate things and it went smooth. I got up the ramp, hopped through the front door, simulated using the bathroom, cruised around the kitchen, transferred onto the couch, onto my bed and all without much difficulty.  Discharge is coming soon. Maybe, just maybe I will be ready.

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