Field Trips

I went for a mountain bike ride last week. When asked by a friend if I had any news to share it took me several hems and hahs that I had done so. Apparently that was news.
At the encouragement of Brad Barlage I reached out to the folks at Trails (the same folks who have lent me a road bike) about borrowing a mountain bike. After consulting with my doctor, who was pretty adamant about where I could and couldn’t ride, a team of three from trails met me later that week. I am still on restrictions for activity so the team had pre-ridden a couple fo trails and recommended we start on a short section of the Bonneville Shoreline Trail east of the University of Utah.

With Jacki, my PT Ane Robinson, Brad Barlage, and Chris “Commander” Magerl in tow, we met up with Keegan, George, and Bryan from Trails. For a few short laps we all soaked up the day by cruising and sharing as we rolled up and down in an open space that separates the city from the hills. Is it hard? As nails. Is it fun? Yes. And can I see myself getting into it? Absolutely.

Update: PT and OT continue. Gardening, car transfers, photography, shopping, floor transfers, curb bumps, etc. Our sister in law, Andrea Shuman, visited this week, offering help around the house, with bodywork, and deeper conversation. Follow up visit to the surgeon that told us everything is healing well. Tried to cut out one of the heavier painkillers from the routine and failed.

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